Thanks to everyone who joined us at Flood's Hill last week. It was a glorious night without a bug to be found! We loved closing the South Orange / SOPAC Summer Music Series. 

Stay tuned for our gigging schedule...

Vincent’s Song

There is always dancing, hooting, hollering, and uncontrollable head bobbing. Chiropractors are generally on stand by whenever we play.

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Big Radio is the lovely Karen Rosen, the five headed Alex Silberman, the real deal Mark Loughney, the killerRob Mobley and the monstrously great Michael Epstein.
Morris and Essex Life

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Silberman’s band, Test Pattern (now Big Radio), was next to perform their brand of “power punk pop," as Silberman described it. Their set was fast and smooth with Silberman playing demanding, riveting solos in each song. 

Newark Examiner Review of Rock The Hill
And the hills were rocked, and it was good
Ryan Crowley

This summer’s Rock the House event was not in a house, or a Center, but a field.

“Rock the Hill”, as this event was specifically called, provided some evidence that local
musicians may only be different from professional musicians in their lack of label. The
performers kept the audience energized through the entire show, having them sing along
to some of their favorites while providing some original material. It was particularly
refreshing that the bands hewed mostly towards original music, debunking the idea
that local musicians are mostly cover bands.

Next was Test Pattern (Now Big Radio), featuring event founder Alex Silberman on guitar. Their band, moving as one cohesive unit, barely stopped to breathe as it blazed through their set.
Members of their crowd could be found dancing and generally rocking out throughout.
Test Pattern, thinks the Newark Examiner, are definitely going places. Review Hat City Kitchen Show

Local Band Test Pattern (Big Radio) Rocks at Orange Venue
Lois Cantwell | Email the author | March 1, 2010

If you've been feeling a magnetic tug toward Orange lately, it's because
Hat City Kitchen is Essex County's new center of artistic gravity. As its
Web site puts it, it's "a new restaurant in an old building with a new vibe."
HCK is open for dinner six nights a week, closed Mondays. There's usually
music on Friday and Saturday.

Patch popped in on Saturday night to check out the scene and was happy to
hear that The Test Patterns were appearing. And we weren't the only ones.
It was standing room only with people lined up three and four deep at the bar.
"I've always been drawn to pretty melodies with twisted words" said Silberman.
It's a dichotomy and juxtaposition I seem to gravitate to," he said. "When we first
sang those pretty melodies with power and vulnerability, it was definitely an aha
moment for me!" Silberman counts the Beatles, Joao Gilberto, Marvin Gaye,
Led Zeppelin, Vivaldi and The Pretenders among his eclectic influences. 
Saturday night's HCK sets were mainly Silberman compositions, including
"Chat Me Up," "Vincent's Song," "Hypergalactic Supersonic" and "Zombies."
The first set closed with the Zeppelin classic "Rock and Roll."

Maplewood Online - Maplewoodstock

band shot

Test Pattern finished up about 15 minutes ago and folks all I can say is
HOLY S&*^!!!

Hard rock which ended with Led Zeppelin's Rock and roll and lead guitarist
Alex Silberman nailed it big time. And I do mean big time.

Way big time.

Alex would get the official MOL ROCK GOD treatment that ML1 got last year
if I knew that he posted here.

Link to Maplewood Online post here