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a taste….
Vincent’s Song

Upcoming Shows:

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SXSO - South by South Orange. SOPAC Main Stage

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Rock The Hill (Flood’s Hill)

Thanks to everyone who came out to our celebration last night. Hat City rocked, and it was good!

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Thanks to everyone that made our Hat City Show on the 27th a smash!

There was much dancing, hooting and hollering.
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Big Radio is the lovely Karen Rosen, the five headed Alex Silberman, the real deal Mark Loughney, the killerRob Mobley and the monstrously great Michael Epstein.


Did you see us blow the roof off OSPAC, Avon Benefit, The Dublin Pub, Highland Place, Hat City Kitchen, Maplewoodstock, SOPAC, 54 Bar and Grill, Avon Walk, Crossroads?

SXSO 6/28

Maplewoodstock 7/12

Rock The Hill 7/29

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